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EnglishREACT! Fluency Course

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This quick start user guide gives you a detailed description of what to expect in the course.  Follow the step-by-step instructions to reach your English fluency goals.

The secret to improving your English is to create good habits.  Download the Fluency Challenge Calendar to keep track of your daily English progress.  Challenge yourself to not miss a single day of practice.

Get every minute of audio in text form.  If there’s something you don’t understand in the audio, you can always refer back to this comprehensive text guide.

EnglishREACT! Lesson Packs

Lesson Pack 01 – A Mother Of A Wiper

Lesson Pack 02 – A Red Hot Cartoon

Lesson Pack 03 – I Love You A Latte

Lesson Pack 04 – Addicted To 2-Ply

Lesson Pack 05 – Luxury Glaze

Lesson Pack 06 – Dynamite Kid

Lesson Pack 07 – The Edible Orb

Lesson Pack 08 – The Real Spider Man

Lesson Pack 09 – A Bite Of Bubbly

Lesson Pack 10 – Rent-A-Friend

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