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Have you ever felt uncomfortable, stressed or embarrassed when speaking English?

How is your English pronunciation?  Does it SUCK?   When you speak, do other people seem CONFUSED?  How about your English grammar?  Do you make a lot of MISTAKES when you speak?

Are you confident when you speak English?  Or do you still WORRY about what other people think?  How is your English understanding?  Do you feel FRUSTRATED because you STILL cannot understand native speakers easily?


If you still can’t speak English, 


Stop all the bullshit excuses like – I don’t have the time to study English.  I wasted so much energy and money on English classes or textbooks. Why can’t I speak after studying for so many years?  When will I be able to speak English clearly, confidently and fluently?  And so on…

With these lessons,


Do you know what’s exciting?  The EnglishREACT! Fluency system uses the best new ideas and research from English language experts around the world to give you a totally NEW type of English lesson experience.  Read below to see what some students are saying about the course:


Student Testimonials

English REACT! is a great learning system. I feel more motivated, focused and determined to achieve my goals because of Walter. Ben S. from Austria

I think you are a very natural teacher…I just want to thank you for all your support and help for me.  I feel like a more confident speaker! Maria P. from Argentina

Hi, from Japan!  Thank you for your course.  I found a way to train my brain and my speaking now.  I want to recommend the course to everyone. Yuka S. from Japan

Students around the world are achieving their goals.

How about you?


More student Testimonials

I found English REACT and I really enjoy this method, because I can do what I love!  I can speak and practice my English more and more and more…anytime I want!

I used to feel shy when speaking1.  I had some kind of fear because of mistakes but now I feel better and more confident.  My English has been improving faster now. Thank you for the fun lessons! Larisa A. from Romania

I like this course. It is not about grammar it is about speaking. The topics are very often so interesting that you forget the reason why you are listening to them….to learn English Aleks M. from Turkey

My English is not so good but I can say that your system has been working and my speaking improves by that system.

On the other hand, If I want to success with this system I have to have a self motivation.

Sometimes I’m loosing it, maybe you can find a solution for this in the future. Hans L. from Germany

Why The EnglishREACT!

Fluency System Works

Learn English Using These Three Simple & Powerful Methods

Method #1

Master Spoken Grammar Without Grammar Rules Using Entertaining Stories

Method #2

Boost English Listening Ability & Confidence With  3-Speed Listening

Method #3

Increase Reaction Speed 10X Using High Frequency “Catch-ball”

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10 Lesson Packs Featuring 90 Listening, Speaking, & Vocabulary Lessons

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The EnglishREACT! Course Features

10 Lesson Packs, including:

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3-Speed Listening
Do you ever find it easy to listen to English in class, but can’t keep up when a native speaker is actually talking to you?  Each core story features 3-Speed Listening at slow, normal and fast speeds.  Start at your comfortable listening speed and listen your way up to the fastest version. Train yourself to reach fast, native listening speed!
Active Listening Core Stories
Just imagine if English lessons could be easy, fun, intriguing, mind-boggling, strange, funny and intelligent…Would you enjoy English more? My memorable lessons will get you to laugh, smile, think deeply and learn about things you knew never existed!
EnglishREACT! Active Speaking Lessons
What if there was a learning system that could make you understand and speak English more quickly and powerfully? English REACT! is one of the most powerful methods to practice high frequency speaking. Improve your speaking reaction time and listening speed by answering simple questions!
Power Vocabulary Lessons
Did you know that learning vocabulary with your ears will enable you to use it more quickly when you speak? Listen to these interactive audio lessons to learn and master the highlighted vocabulary for the core stories.
Viewpoint Story Active Listening Lessons
Did you know that you can train yourself to hear and FEEL grammar? Enjoy listening to these entertaining, original spin-off stories in six (6) different verb tenses. These lessons include grammar commentary sections to help you focus on the listening lessons.
Viewpoint REACT! Grammar Lessons
How would you feel if you never had to memorize grammar rules again? The secret to mastering spoken English grammar is in the Viewpoint REACT! Story Lessons. These lessons are recorded in six (6) of the most common verb tenses for spoken English. These lessons are the most powerful – learn how to improve your grammar fluency and understanding without studying “rules.” Finally learn grammar naturally, like a native!

It’s Easy! Study Anytime &

Take Your Lessons Anywhere

Easy, Downloadable Lessons

Zero shipping costs.  No waiting time for the mail to come.  No software to download.  Begin the course immediately after purchase.  Download all the lessons today.

Convenient, Mobile Lessons

Easily put all your lessons on your smartphone, tablet or laptop computer and take them wherever you go!  To the gym, in your car, on your morning walk…anywhere.  Start today.

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And Get These Extra Bonuses:

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Lesson Pack PDF Text Guides
You get every minute of audio in text form! If there’s something you don’t understand in the audio, you can see and read it in text anytime.
EnglishREACT! Plus Pages
Did you finish a lesson pack and want more content?  Get more authentic text, audio and video directly related to the lesson pack topics. These Plus Pages serve as a launching pad to understanding more difficult content using a variety of learning resources and angles.
Fluency Enhancer Conversation Questions
Thought-provoking conversation questions that allow you to share your opinions about the stories in the course with your friends and family giving you more speaking practice.  
Quick Start User Guide
This quick start user guide explains exactly how you should use the lessons and gives you an easy-to-follow learning plan for you to start today.
Progress Tracker
The secret to improving your English is to create good habits. I created the EnglishREACT! Progress Tracker so that you can record your study progress every day.  Includes a printable calendar, and a quick instruction guide.
Walter Tsushima, M.A., TESOL





Why I can help you speak English

I’m Walter Tsushima, the creator of the EnglishREACT! Fluency System.

I want to tell you a little story from my experiences as a teacher.  The year was 2002.  I just graduated from university and got my first teaching job in Japan.  One of my very first private students was a young woman named, Maki.  Maki was very friendly and intelligent and you could tell that she really had a passion for English.  She had many English textbooks…probably more than me!  And she worked hard to study every day.  I remember that she always made stacks and stacks of vocabulary flashcards and grammar rules.  I respected her effort and I did my best to be a supportive teacher.

After 6 months of lessons with me, I noticed that she still couldn’t speak well. She was frustrated and so was I.  She felt confused and embarrassed and to tell you the truth, so did I.  Since I was still a new teacher, I asked other teachers for teaching advice.  But I realized that they were experiencing the same problems as well.  Only a small percentage of their students had improved.  I wondered, what was missing? I asked myself, why did some students improve, but others didn’t?  Then I realized something – something was wrong with the way we taught English.  If the system we’re using now isn’t helping many students reach their goals, there has to be a more effective way.

When I went back to school for my Masters degree in Teaching English, I discovered incredible new methods. I studied hundreds of books on language learning and I constantly tried new methods in my classes. I read research studies and attended English teaching conferences and seminars.  After many years of trial and error, I finally discovered methods where ANY student could achieve fluency.

I am excited to be able to share these methods and now, I can help YOU using the power of the internet.

My dream is to change the way we learn the English language.  If you’ve studied English for years and still cannot speak well, try the EnglishREACT! Fluency System.  You deserve success – I look forward to connecting with you.


Walter Tsushima, M.A.

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