Walter Tsushima

Hi, I’m Walter.  I’m an experienced native teacher from Los Angeles, California.  I’m a UCLA graduate and I have been teaching English professionally for over 12 years.  

I currently live and work in Japan and now I would like to help English learners around the world using the power of the internet. My mission is to inspire you to become the best version of yourself.

I specialize in English for business & meetings, presentations, and English for general conversation.

I look forward to meeting you online!

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More About Teacher Walter

Success Learning Japanese

Growing up speaking only English, I traveled to Japan to find my roots. After living and working in Japan, I was able to speak naturally only after 18 months!

Teaching English in Japan at University

I’ve taught English in Japan for over 12 years: university and K-12. My experience teaching has taught me this: Students learn best when they are having fun!

Owning an English Language School in Japan

I feel blessed to be able to share my knowledge of English with hundreds of students!

Teaching Online

As an online English teacher, I’m able to offer customized lessons for my students.

Playing Japanese Taiko Drums

I have been playing taiko for almost 20 years now!  It’s a beautiful Japanese musical artform – I have some videos online at here >>

Practicing Tang Soo Do Karate

Training the mind, body and spirit to be strong, yet gentle, karate has been a positive force in my life!  

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